About the Beer List

This is just a list of the beers that I've run across. Why am I keeping a list? Why not? :-) It's a way to keep track of what I've had, so that new (to me, anyway) beers are more easily identified. It can also jog my not-so-good memory as to what I might've had on my last trip out of town or at the last beerfest.

What's with the plain-Jane page layout?

For Internet access (almost) anywhere, I have a Treo 650. It's a great little gadget, and Sprint used to offer a killer unlimited-data service plan for it. (I still have it on that plan; it's the main reason I haven't yet sprung for something newer. That it still works after more than two years of getting knocked around is another point in its favor.) The browser's a little bit weak in the features department, though, and cell-phone data access isn't nearly as fast as wired broadband. The ultra-lightweight layout keeps it reasonably responsive so that I can add to the list from just about anywhere.

What makes it work?

The underlying webserver is Apache 2.2 running on Linux. A little bit of PHP pulls the data from a MySQL database. In short, all of this is just your basic LAMP app.


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